Synthetic monitoring made simple for your businesses.

Get notified from whatever app you want (Telegram, Slack, etc) when your website or API is down based on HTTP status code or content of the response, or even when your server is slow.

Everything you need to monitor your application.

It designed to help you keep your systems and applications running at their best

Monitor your application across the globe even from Indonesia!

Every application is unique.

The monitoring tool that can be tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

Customizable alert

It's designed to give you a complete control of what events that matter to you.

With our customizable alerts, you'll be able to stay on top of critical issues and response quickly.

Interval and threshold

Be the first person to know when your systems are down.

Set specific time intervals and threshold, so you can respond to issues quickly and efficiently.

Synthetic Monitoring

Configure the requests from simple to the complex one.

Send the request you want to send every time Neo Sense probes your server including the headers and the body. You can even chain multiple requests one another.

Organize probes

Create organizations and projects to organize your probes.

You can group multiple probes in the same project for convenience. You can also create multiple organizations to group multiple projects. Furthermore, you can invite other users to manage organizations, projects, and the probes.

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Open source powered

Neosense is powered by the free and open source synthetic monitoring command line tools called Monika by Hyperjump.

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